Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Crossfaith - Live - The Library At The Institute, Birmingham, England

Friday 21 November saw Japanese metal band Crossfaith, now on their first headlining tour, "Apocalyze Now", play live to a sell out crowd at The Library at the Institute, Birmingham, England.

After support bands Coldrain, and Silent Screams had finished their sets, anticipation for the headliners was huge. When Crossfaith finally entered the stage, one by one, the crowd roared as each member appeared, and what followed was one loud, energy-filled and exciting show!

I only managed to take a few photos; and unfortunately most of them didn't come out so well, as I had to use a compact camera, and the crowd were jumping so much, it was difficult to keep the camera steady. Anyway, here are some of the "least-bad" shots... Apologies for the poor quality...

Coldrain - Live - The Library At The Institute, Birmingham, England

Japanese band Coldrain were supporting Crossfaith on their first headlining tour of Europe, "Apocalyze Now". I managed to catch them last week on 21 November. Coldrain were the first band of the night, and suitably got the crowd going, with a good performance. I thought they were pretty decent; not usually my cup of tea, but the heavier moments of their music sounded good to me.

Unfortunately I could only take my compact camera, so the photo quality isn't the greatest, but I thought I'd upload what few photos I took here anyway... In comparison to the photos of the Crossfaith performance, these are pretty good!

All photos by AZNPopCulture.com

Monday, 17 November 2014

Mea Kurosaki - Max Factory 1/6 Scale Painted Figure

Back in March, I think, I ended up pre-ordering this figure, after seeing some of the official photos posted online; I thought it looked rather splendid and decided that I had to have one. I thought it was a tad expensive at around 10,000 yen, but it's slightly bigger at 1/6 scale, whereas many other figures are 1/7, so I decided to order it anyway. It arrived in August and here's my review... A little late I know. Sorry about that!

Here's the box and its contents.

Order from Plamoya.com.
Order from Play-asia.com.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

First Squad (2009) - Anime Review

First Squad is the first Russian anime, and was produced in Japan by STUDIO 4ºC. The movie takes place in Soviet Russia during the Second World War, and tells the story of a teenager named Nadya, a girl who possesses psychic powers.

Buy on Amazon.co.uk:

What's it about?

Nazi Germany have occupied much of Europe, but Russia continues to resist. After much fighting and heavy losses on both sides, it remains a stalemate. An occult group of Nazi astrologers have determined that a "moment of truth" (a critical point in time, when a certain person's actions will determine the outcome) is drawing near. In this case, that certain person is a Russian soldier, and the "moment of truth" occurs when he decides to attack the German forces.

The chairman of the Nazi group then orders his men to put in motion "Operation: Sword of Vengeance"; a plan which involves using a magic sword to summon its owner grandmaster Baron Von Wolff from the underworld, in order for them to kill the soldier, crush the Russian opposition, and conquer the world.

In order to stop this, the Russians have their own secret occult branch to call upon, namely "the 6th division", and it's up to Nadya, last surviving member of a special unit from this division, known as "First Squad" to take care of it.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Update - Sep 2014

Hello all,
Just a quick update; unfortunately I haven't been able to do much on this blog recently as I've been pretty busy with other stuff. I did find the time to watch an anime, and some Japanese films, and I'm currently in the middle of writing a review to post here, but I just haven't really had the time.

I've also purchased a few anime figures, ready for reviewing at some point soon. I just need to set aside some time to photograph them first.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with MV version 1 of T-ARA's latest; "SUGAR FREE", which I've been listening to quite a bit this week. I can't get it out of my head!

Please check back here again, as I haven't abandoned this blog! I'll definitely post something soon.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

the brilliant green - The Swingin' Sixties

When it was announced that the brilliant green would be releasing a new album called "The Swingin' Sixties", I was, for a short while, quite excited. That was until I found out it was a self-cover 'best of' album. While I always look forward to any release by the brilliant green, as they are one of my favourite bands, the thought of them releasing the same songs again just didn't really do it for me, especially seeing as they had released a best of album already. I just wanted a new album full of new songs! Of course, I pre-ordered the CD anyway, as I generally buy everything they record.

I got mine from cdjapan for 3000yen (affiliate links below):

The Swingin' Sixties / the brilliant green 
the brilliant green

It was released on 23 July, and my copy of the album arrived through the post seven days later.

It's been described as songs inspired by British sixties pop, and features eleven songs, ten of which are re-recorded versions of some the band’s older songs. The eleventh track is a new song called "A Little World".