Wednesday 31 July 2013

T-ARA with DAVICHI feat SKULL - BIKINI "비키니"

Well, this new video for T-ARA's new song "Bikini" doesn't seem to be getting much love, judging by the YouTube comments it has been getting so far. Then again, you can always find the best haters in the YouTube comments section!

Is it because T-ARA do not feature in the video? Or DAVICHI or SKULL for that matter. Is it the video itself? Perhaps it's due to last year's bullying scandal?

What are your thoughts? I quite like the video ;) What's not to like?!

Photo Credit: Official Core Contents Media T-ARA Page


  1. Apart from the dog it seems quite unoriginal in its intended appeal.
    It is pleasantly bland and colourful though.

    1. Yes, I have to agree with you; pleasant, but rather bland. I did like the part where Skull sings what sounds like "Welcome to Africa..." though.

      I'm not sure that's what he sings, as it doesn't really fit the video (I don't think any part of the video eludes to whether it was shot in Africa or not), but it's the fact that it seems misplaced, that makes me like it :)


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