Welcome to AZNPopCulture!

A blog that looks at various forms of popular (and sometimes not so popular) culture, including music, movies, video games, anime, etc. Mostly coming from East Asian places such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, etc.

I'll mainly be reviewing stuff on this blog, but will probably branch off in a load of other directions, and see what sticks. I'll look back at the past, and try to keep up with the present; things move so fast, it's hard to cover everything!

I'll post about anything that peaks my interest, so long as it's related to popular Asian culture!

Actually, this is the first time I've tried blogging, so bear with me if I don't get it right straight away ;) I hope this blog will be both entertaining and informative, and maybe spark some discussion too.

Please do join in; any comments you have on anything I post is very welcome. It'll be interesting to hear all of your wonderful opinions.

About Me

My name is Chris; an animation graduate, and somehow, first-time blogger with this blog (I've been thinking of starting one for ages, but never knew what to do).

I've been interested in East Asian culture for quite a long time, being exposed to it from quite an early age. My family are Malaysian Chinese, but I am very much English. I was born in the UK sometime back in the seventies, and my earliest memories of any kind of Asian culture was probably either watching Battle of the Planets and Star Fleet: X-Bomber in the early eighties, or watching Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon at a similar time; I was a little young to be doing this, but I don't think I've turned out too violent and unhinged ;)

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this blog, and hopefully discover some new things to check out. Please feel free to comment or give me any kind of feedback; constructive criticism is also welcome :)

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