Wednesday 24 July 2013

Kotobukiya Alisa Bosconivitch Bishoujo Statue, Possible Fake?

Recently I'd purchased a Kotobukiya Alisa Bosconivitch bishoujo statue from Amazon Marketplace, and was going to do an unboxing/review of it here.

I had seen quite a number of photographs of a few of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 statues, and found myself drawn to the Alisa Bosconovitch figure. From those photographs, I thought that the figure looked amazing! Some very nice detail, tasteful colours, good pose and fairly realistically proportioned (I'm not really a fan of those figures with massive breasts, tiny waists, and childbearing hips); so I decided to do a little research, with a view to buying one.

I'm not an experienced buyer of these figures at all, and I'm a little new to all of this, but I found a seller on Amazon Marketplace, who'd advertised the figure as used, although in the description they had said that the figure was brand new and sealed, however with some light damage to the cardboard packaging. Now, I thought to myself, "I'm not too bothered about a little bit of cosmetic damage to the box; it's the figure that's the most important." The selling price was attractive, and I attributed this to the damage sustained to the box, so I went ahead and added it to my basket and made the purchase.

A few days later, it arrived at my door. I opened the packaging that it came in and marvelled at it, without actually inspecting it closely. It looked really cool, and I was very pleased.

After a closer and more detailed look over the figure, I noticed a few little things that didn't look as nice as those photographs I'd seen previously; only minor things, but still, not as nice as they could have been. For a start, the moulding of her belt seemed very slightly on the rough side, with some unevenness in the detail. Then, I looked at the colours of her striped stockings and compared them to those on the official photos; in actuality the purple seemed darker and the pink seemed deeper, although in the photos I took, they look closer to the official colours, so it's hard to tell if they were the wrong colours or not.

I then noticed that some of the silver detail had not even been painted at all, and was just painted the same overall colour of her top.

The seller has assured me that the figure is not a fake, and I do think that it's very possible that it is genuine, because apart from these details, it does look very nice, and I think had the paint job been of a slightly higher quality, I probably would have kept it. The box is very nicely printed, with no sign of it being fake, and wasn't actually as badly damaged as I expected it to be. In fact, it hardly seemed damaged at all, aside from some small creasing in the corners. Anyway, below is the photo I sent to the seller, asking for a refund, which they have said they will accept. So I'm going to send it back this week.

Was I being too fussy? Perhaps it really is genuine. Or is this definitely a fake? I don't know, but I wasn't totally happy with it, so unfortunately it has to go back.

What do you think? Please comment below.

Photo Credit: Header - Hobby Search
All other Photos by AZNPopCulture


  1. I'd have done the same. I love the Kotobukiya Bishoujo figures (Marvel, Jaina Solo) that I've seen online, but haven't bought any as they're on the pricy side.

    If I did decide to fork out for one, I'd expect it it to be just as it should be. You were justified in sending it back in my humble opinion.

    1. Hey I know you beasty_ribs :D
      Thanks for checking out my blog :)

      Yeah, I just wasn't happy with it, but I kind of regret sending it back, as apart from those things I mentioned it was quite nice. I also got it for a very good price, considering the RRP. Only twenty five quid.

      I do like the Jaina Solo figure and some of those Marvel ones too btw.

    2. (^__^)/ Yeah, hello. I thought I'd check out the blog - Sneakglove said it was brill. Fab job. xx


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