Saturday 7 September 2013

Yama Sushi, Sheffield, England - Restaurant Review

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see a Japanese band play live in Sheffield. Anyway, we had planned to go for some Japanese food before the gig, and decided upon visiting a restaurant called Yama Sushi.

We were a little unsure of how nice it might be on the inside, as the front of it looked a little bit like a kebab takeaway (not that that's a bad thing; it just didn't look very fancy). Anyway, we needn't have worried, the ambience inside was very agreeable;  nicely lit, not too bright, not too dark, and pleasantly decorated. There was also J-Pop music playing quietly in the background.

My friend commented on how he always liked that in restaurants that sold foreign food; if they were playing the latest western hits, he said that it removed something from the whole experience of being there. For instance, if he was in a Chinese restaurant he'd want Chinese music, and as such he was happy in this restaurant.

To start with, we had ordered some Unagi (eel) Maki rolls and Spicy Tekka Maki rolls (tuna) to share; they were really tasty, and my friend said how they were probably the best sushi he'd had since going to Japan four years ago. I have to agree that they were really good. The Spicy Tekka Maki rolls were, for me, just right, in the spiciness department; not so hot it'd burn your mouth out, and not so mild I'd be disappointed. The only thing I would say about them is that being spicy could maybe cover up the taste of eating something a little milder tasting afterwards. I noticed that there was an absence of pickled ginger to cleanse the palate, but nevermind, I had a sip of my drink instead.

When the waitress brought us our main dishes, they looked and smelt fantastic! We couldn't wait to tuck in. It was all delicious! I think I may have ordered a little too much though, as I was absolutely stuffed afterwards! I had a Chicken Katsu Yanagawa Don, with a side dish of fried noodles and my friend had Generation Beef Teppanyaki in a Korean BBQ sauce, also with a side dish of fried noodles.

The Chicken Katsu Yanagawa Don was also very tasty, and served in a generous portion. So much so, I couldn't finish the rice, but the overall taste was lovely. I also tried a small piece of the Generation Beef, and that was really yummy. The sauce tickled the tastebuds and was very nice indeed, and the beef was great; soft and tender. In fact, I almost wished that I had ordered something like that instead of my donburi dish.

Prices for this restaurant are very reasonable, with the Unagi Maki being £5.50 for six pieces, and the Spicy Tekka Maki at £5 for six pieces. The main dishes were £8.50 and £11.80 for the Chicken Katsu Yanagawa Don and Generation Beef Teppanyaki respectively. Fried noodles were £3.50 per plate.

With great value for money, pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, I would heartily recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Sheffield; I would definitely go again the next time I'm in that city.

The menu is available on their website, although I can't seem to see the Generation Beef on there at the time of writing this review.

All photos by AZNPopCulture


  1. I could eat it all again now!

    1. Definitely up for going there again, next time I'm in Sheffield

  2. Coun't me in. Korean chicken next time!


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