Monday, 23 December 2013

Top 10 K-Pop Christmas Songs 2013

'Tis the season to be jolly, and here are some recent K-Pop songs to help you do so!

I'm not generally a fan of Christmas songs, but sometimes you can't help but like some of them. Here are my Top 10 of this year...

10 - KOYOTE - Hug Me

First up is KOYOTE. A nice mixture of rapping and singing, come together with a catchy chorus to produce this pleasant Christmas song.

09 - Wa$$up - LA Pam Pam PA

This one doesn't particularly sound too Christmassy, but then that's what sets this apart from most other Christmas songs. I think it's pretty cool, and I reckon Wa$$up are a girl group to watch in the future...

08 - Cube Artists (United Cube) - Christmas Song

When I first heard this, with the first line "Merry Christmas...", I though this song was going to be ridiculously cheesy, and that I wouldn't like it, but once it got going, it kinda grew on me. Yes, it definitely is cheesy, but then pretty much all Christmas songs are. Artists featured on this song include 4minuteA Pink, B2ST, BTOB, G.NA, Huh Gak, Kim Ki Ri, Roh Ji Hoon, and Shin Ji Hoon.

07 - MYSTIC89 - Christmas Wishes

Artists from the MYSTIC89 agency come together for this festive song, mixing nice tranquil vocals with a catchy melody. Simple as that. Not much more I can say about this one.

06 - BESTie - Zzang Christmas

Like quite a few of the Christmas songs this year, this one focuses on being lonely at Christmas. Still, it's a nice, catchy song (like all good Christmas songs should be!).

05 - Secret - I Do I Do

Secret return with this cute and catchy sounding song. I've long been a fan of Secret, and it's great to have them back with a new single; their first since April's "YooHoo" earlier this year. I don't think I could dislike anything they release; sure, it's nothing ground-breaking, but then much of K-Pop isn't. A lovely song in my opinion.

04 - BH [Park Bom (박봄) & Lee Hi (이하이)] - All I Want For Christmas Is You

A slowed down cover version of the original classic 1994 Mariah Carey song. I think slowing the song down works really well, and makes the song seem so much more soulful than the original poptastic version. Park Bom and Lee Hi's voices really compliment each other too; I much prefer this to the original (I really don't like the original!)

03 - Starship Planet - Snow Candy

Artists from Starship Entertainment, featuring SISTAR, K-will and BOYFRIEND. This one is super-catchy and makes you nod your head and tap your feet! A fun video too, but where is SISTAR's Dasom? Her Christmas stocking appears in the video!

02 - Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

There seems to be loads of K-Pop Christmas singles this year called "Lonely Christmas", but this one is my favourite! I've been championing Crayon Pop for a while now, and they're one of my favourite K-Pop groups, but they couldn't quite make the top spot. Actually when I first heard this, I wasn't all that keen on it, but after a few plays, I really warmed to it. Some real fun choreography, as usual.

01 - 9MUSES - Santa Baby

Not sure if this has actually got a release, but this is my top ten Christmas songs, not Christmas singles! 9MUSES covered the classic "Santa Baby" on the Music Bank Christmas Special. When I first saw this performance, I loved it, if only for the way it changes after the first minute. With it being such a short song as well, I couldn't help but play it again several times!


So those were my top ten Christmas K-Pop songs for 2013. I know, there's a lack of boybands in this list, and that's because I'm not really a fan of them. Perhaps if BIGBANG got together to do a Christmas song I might enjoy it, as they're one of the only ones that I don't mind. Anyway, please share any Christmas K-Pop songs you like too!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays!

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