Wednesday 29 January 2014


Another quick update; first of all, I've a couple of reviews in the pipeline; one of which will be for our friends over at UKAnifest. I just need to find a bit more time to write...

I've also just upgraded from my compact camera and purchased my first digital SLR camera, so hopefully I'll be able to take some better quality photos of the stuff I review. First of all I need to learn how to use it properly!

As you may have noticed, I have also joined some affiliate programs lately. Now, this isn't so I can bombard you with adverts; not in the slightest. I still want to write about the stuff that I find interesting, and I hopefully if anyone who reads this blog is in anyway interested in any of the films, figures, music, etc. that I write about, then you may be able to find and purchase some of them through these affiliate links.

It'd be a great help to this blog if you could click through the links in the side panel or in some of the posts I've written, if you're interested in making any purchases. Any small commission I might receive will help me to buy more stuff to review.

Anyway, thanks everyone for reading this blog; I hope you'll continue to come back; I've been quite busy of late, so unfortunately haven't been able to write as much as I'd like, but please do continue come back!

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