Tuesday 25 November 2014

Crossfaith - Live - The Library At The Institute, Birmingham, England

Friday 21 November saw Japanese metal band Crossfaith, now on their first headlining tour, "Apocalyze Now", play live to a sell out crowd at The Library at the Institute, Birmingham, England. The tour is in promotion of their latest album.

After support bands Coldrain, and Silent Screams had finished their sets, anticipation for the headliners was huge. When Crossfaith finally entered the stage, one by one, the crowd roared as each member appeared, and what followed was one loud, energy-filled and exciting show!

I only managed to take a few photos; and unfortunately most of them didn't come out so well, as I had to use a compact camera, and the crowd were jumping so much, it was difficult to keep the camera steady. Anyway, here are some of the "least-bad" shots... Apologies for the poor quality...

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