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Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014 - MAMA In Hong Kong

Wednesday 3rd December saw the sixteenth annual Mnet Asian Music Awards take place at the AsiaWorld Arena in Hong Kong.

Once again, the most popular K-Pop groups and artists were celebrated, with awards being voted on by fans online. As always, it was a star-studded event attended by numerous Korean pop stars.

Award winners plus YouTube videos follow "The Performances" section.
Congratulations to all who took part!

The Performances

The show opened with a performance from Dancing9, with a routine titled "Beat Box", featuring dancers dancing to a medley of songs, including  Bony M's "Sunny", NKOTB's "Step By Step", James Brown's "Get Up", and Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

This was followed by a couple of hip-hop performances "연결고리 YGGR" performed by Illionaire Records featuring rappers BOBBY, The Quiett, and Dok2. They were followed by MASTA WU featuring Dok2 and BOBBY performing "Come Here".

After this came two awards; Best New Artist and Best Dance Performance Solo.

Once these were awarded, we were treated to a performance from Girl's Day and AILEE; this act being called "Last Fantasy". First up was Girl's Day with "Something", and then AILEE with "Don't Touch Me". Both Girl's Day and AILEE then took to the stage together with a joint performance of the song "Problem".

Two more awards followed, and then on came Epik High and WINNER; their section called "Beyond The Screen". Winner performed "Empty", and then Epik High performed "Happen Ending" with the soothing voice of Yoo Inna. They then followed this with the funky sounds of "Born Hater". They were joined on stage by B.I, and then Song Mino of Winner. Soon, BOBBY returned to the stage to perform with them.

More awards followed; Best Female Group, and after that, Best Male Group.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany then made an appearance to introduce multi-Grammy award winning special guest John Legend, who along with Tiffany and Chen of EXO performed the song "Green Light".

John Legend then followed this with a solo performance of his hit "All Of Me".

Next came two more awards; Favorite Music In China, and Best OST, which was then followed by another song performance; this time it was by IU singing "Memories", and she was joined on-stage by Song Mino of Winner. IU then had a solo performance with an orchestral version of "날아라 병아리".

After IU's performance, Eason Chan came on-stage and sang "浮誇".

The next act of the MAMA's this year, was SISTAR's "Four Shades Of Love", which began with Soyou & JungGiGo performing "Some" with Bora & P.O, Nam Joohyuk & Dasom, and Lee Jonghyuk & Hyolin contributing vocals too. 

SISTAR then came back together as a group to perform their summer hit "Touch My Body".

Awards for Best Vocal Performance Female, and Best Vocal Performance Male, presented by Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang and Korean actress Park Boyoung.

After these two awards, came the "Next Generation of K-Pop" segment, featuring BTS and Block.B performing their "Fight Of The Century", which began with a dance-off between the two. Afterwards, Zico (Block.B) performed "Tough Cookie", followed by "RM" by Rap Monster (BTS).

Next BTS performed "Danger", and then Block.B followed with "Her". After this, they then both joined forces to perform their version of the Black Eyed Peas song "Let's Get It Started".

Next up was the Best Band Performance award.

After this award, eighties Hong Kong star, singer-actor Alan Tam came on stage to introduce the next act; Kwak Jineun and a segment called "Miracles Never Stop". In this he performed "Be Proud Of", and with Kim Feel "Don't Worry Dear" (At the time of writing, I can't find any YouTube video of this).

Last year's Best Male Group award winners INFINITE then came on to perform their section "Infinite Spectrum", performing the songs "Last Romeo" and "Back".

Following INFINITE, was a special 2014 MAMA and UNESCO Special Stage Performance. Lee Seungchul and Yoon Eun-hye performed "The Day"

Next up; Seo Taiji, and his "Media Wonderland" segment. Seo Taiji performed, with IU, the song "Sogyeokdong", and then on his own, "", followed by "Come Back Home" feat. Zico & Vasco.

K-Pop Fans' Choice Female was awarded next, and then it was time for EXO; "The New Age Of EXO". EXO performed the dubstep heavy "Black Pearl", with their usual tight choreography, followed by "Tell Me What Is Love", and then Kai (EXO) performed "Deep Breath" on his own. This was then followed by EXO performing their most recent hit "Overdose".

Best Rap Performance, and Best Music Video awards came next, with G-Dragon & Taeyang following with their performance segment; "Colorize". Taeyang had a solo performance of his hit "Eyes, Nose, Lips", and then G-Dragon had the opportunity to show off his rapping skills. Then they both came together to perform "Good Boy".

Finally GD and Taeyang closed their performance with a rendition of their BIGBANG hit "Fantastic Baby".

The ceremony closed with the Most Popular Vocalist award, the UnionPay Song of the Year award, and finally, it was down to Hong Kong superstar actor Andy Lau to present the UnionPay Album of the Year award.

See below for all of this year's winners!

The Winners

Best New Artist

Best Dance Performance Solo
SUNMI - Full Moon

Best Collaboration

Style In Music
Jung Joon Young

Best Female Group

Best Male Group

International Favorite Artist
John Legend

Favorite Music In China
Chopsticks Brothers - Little Apple
Incidentally, here's the T-ARA version.

Best OST
LYN - My Destiny

Best Vocal Performance Female
Ailee - Singing Got Better

Best Vocal Performance Male
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips

Best Band Performance
CNBlue - Can't Stop

K-Pop Fans' Choice Male

Best Female Artist

Best Male Artist

UnionPay Asian Artist Of The Year in Vietnam
Ho Quynh Huong

UnionPay Asian Artist Of The Year in Thailand

UnionPay Asian Artist Of The Year in Indonesia

UnionPay Asian Artist Of The Year in Singapore
JJ Lin

UnionPay Asian Artist Of The Year in Japan
Ieiri Leo

UnionPay Artist Of The Year in Asia

K-Pop Fans' Choice Female
Girls' Generation-TTS

Best Dance Performance Male Group
INFINITE - Last Romeo

Best Dance Performance Female Group
Girl's Day - Something

Best Rap Performance
Epik High - Happen Ending

Youko Tudou Best Music Video
2PM - Go Crazy!

The Most Popular Vocalist

UnionPay Song Of The Year
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips

UnionPay Album Of The Year
EXO - Overdose

So, the awards this year seemed to be a little more Hip-Hop/Rap focused, which I think is pretty cool, however, as a result of this, I felt that the ceremony itself seemed a lot less fun than last years awards.

Big winners this year were EXO, picking up three awards; Taeyang, also winning in three categories; INFINITE scooping two awards, and IU, claiming two gongs as well.


Did you watch the MAMA's this year? Were the results as you expected? Which performances did you enjoy?

Image credit: Header - Mnet M Countdown Official Facebook Page

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