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Super Sonico Figure Space Police Ver. by Taito

Back in March this year, I reviewed the Super Sonico Snack Time Special Figure by FuRyu. Five months earlier, towards the end of October, I purchased this Super Sonico Figure Space Police Ver. by Taito. I believe the figure was released a week or two before this. So it's taken about nine months for me to get around to reviewing this! Hmm, I've a few more figures that I bought last year too... Need to get them photographed and reviewed!

Anyway, here are some shots of the box and what's inside:

As you can see, as with most of these types of figures, it doesn't take a genius to work out how to assemble it, with just the base and two arms to slot into the main figure.

The Figure

Excluding the base, the figure stands at 204mm tall (approximately 8"). It's prize figure, so I managed to get this for a fairly low price.

The base, unfortunately, is just a boring featureless white disc, with nothing remarkable about it whatsoever. When figures are shipped with these kind of bases, I wish they'd at least have some sort of decorative element, even if it's just the character's name, or the title of the anime or video game the character comes from printed on it.

I suppose though, that that's not the most important thing about these figures, but it would be nice to see more than just a bland flat circular base.

This figure features Sonico dressed in familiar colours; pink, white and blue. Mostly pink actually. Oh, and there's a touch of yellow too. The uniform is great, although rather impractical if it were actually a police uniform! The miniskirt is pretty mini, and her shirt is pretty much open. Doesn't really scream out "Badass Cop" does it?! I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of figures with ridiculously massive breasts, and in this case, as with most Sonico figures, they manage to be big, but not stupidly so. Anyway, the shirt shows them off quite a bit.

Her face is well done; it actually looks like her character, as seen in various different artwork. It's great when figure manufacturers get the face right; a poorly done face, or at least one that doesn't quite look right, can spoil a good figure sometimes. In this instance though, all is good!

There's some nice detail in the creases of her shirt and skirt, and there's also a little UFO badge next to her right lapel. Another little touch is the collar and tie, adding to the cute-factor of the figure, though again, probably not practical for real life! She also has a pair of handcuffs linked to her belt, which although simply painted, look pretty cool too.

The pink miniskirt is separate from the main figure, and can be lifted up, but not removed. Doing so, reveals some white panties, which I guess match her shiny white stockings, and little shirt collar.

Of course Sonico wouldn't be Sonico if she wasn't wearing her trademark headphones, and this figure is no different in that respect. This time they're topped off with a pink hat, with a Space Invaders motif on the hat's badge. This badge is also present on her right shirt sleeve.

The pose is quite nice, although nothing too out of the ordinary; left leg cocked, while balancing on her right foot, her right hand held near her head in salute, and her finger on the trigger of a purple ray gun in her left.

The quality of the sculpt is generally good, although some seams are present, mainly down the sides of her clothing, and on her hips and thighs. However, they're not too visible, and seem to show up more in the photos than when looking with the naked eye. The handcuffs are quite flimsy, so if you're not careful, they could easily snap off.

There isn't much shading when it comes to the paint job; indeed none is present on her clothing. Some areas of flesh, such as the stomach, back and face feature a little varying in the fleshtones. Plus there's also the usual blend from white to pink for Sonico's hair. Some of the blue paintwork on the hem of her top is also not too straight, though I'm sure this will vary from figure to figure.

Overall, it's a really nice figure; nothing too fancy, it has a few visible seam lines, and quite an uninteresting base, but the cute pose and outfit, together with a very reasonable price, more than make up for these small flaws. If you're a fan of Sonico, and can't quite afford some of the more expensive figures, you can't go much wrong by purchasing this one! Worth getting hold of if you can.

All photos by AZNPopCulture.com

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